What Happened Between Billy Sorrells And Jess Hilarious? Wild and Out Instagram Drama

The talk of the internet is the ongoing feud between comedians Billy Sorrells and Jess Hilarious. The two stand-up comics have been having a heated argument on social media in the past few days. 

One wouldn’t exactly describe them as “heated” as the comedians have their own humorous style of delivering things. But it’s an argument nonetheless and it is one of the most talked-about things on the internet. 

Moreover, the argument is about how Jess allegedly pursued Billy when he was married. The battle doesn’t seem to be serious but the fans are happy to see the Instagram drama continue. 

What Happened Between Billy Sorrells And Jess Hilarious? Wild N Out Instagram Drama

Billy Sorrels and Jess Hilarious are going up against each other on Instagram. 

The Wild N Out stars are currently in an internet battle and fans are loving it. In his latest Instagram story, Billy wrote, “JESS STOP PLAYING WITH YA HANDSOME ASS BEFORE I PUT THEM WEAK ASS NUDES UP HERE YOU SENT WHILE I WAS MARRIED AND Didn’t ask For.”

“You got left on read. I was married trying to hear you weak ass jokes stop playing. I didn’t want you then or now you trash.”

Likewise, Jess replied to him in the comment section. She wrote, “One thing a hit dog will do is holler, you would have been posted some pictures that nobody has seen Billy.”

“Please tell me when I have ever wanted ya knock off DL Bobby Valentino lookin ass. You remember I asked you were you gay cause dat shit wit dem lor boys… stop playing wit me… I see you deleted dat other shit.”

Billy Sorrells Wife And Family: Is He Married?

Billy Sorrells has often talked about his problematic married life. 

The comedian is married to his childhood sweetheart, Courtney Sorrells, best known as Coco Sorrells. The two of them share four children with each other. 

Moreover, the Wild N Out star once told that his wife was plotting to murder him. Coco, on the other hand, accused him of beating her brutally when he was high on cocaine. 

Billy Sorrells And Jess Hilarious Net Worth: Who Is Richer? 

Both Billy Sorrells and Jess Hilarious are expected to have a net worth of around $1 million. 

However, Billy has been performing for a longer period of time than Jess and has more career earnings than her. However, the question of who is richer among them remains unanswered at the moment. 

Their drama has been one for the Wild N Out fans and let’s see how it develops. 

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