Who Is Bubba Stacks? Is He Arrested After Lil Tjay Death? Facts To Find Out

After rapper Lil Tjay passed away, a lot of online rumors have been spreading about the arrest of Bubba Stacks. People are looking for him online after rumors of his arrest were rumored.

Lil Tijay had been shot numerous times and sustained multiple bullet wounds.

American gun violence has grown to be a significant problem for the country. Even well-known rappers and celebrities occasionally become involved in such crimes.

Rapper Bubba, who also streams on Twitch, has a song called “Not To Come,” featuring Lil Tjay, earning over 33k views on YouTube.

The rapper also streams gaming content on Twitch, with Grand Theft Auto V, DayZ, Call of Duty: War Zone, and Day Zero making up the majority of his playlist.

In addition, since its debut on December 4, 2021, his most recent music video, “Everybody,” has gotten over 10,000 views.

Is Bubba Stacks Arrested Or Not? 

The news of Bubba Stacks’ arrest in connection with the death of rapper Lil Tijay has been widely reported; however, there is no information available regarding the details of rapper Bubba’s arrest.

Bubba Stacks’ arrest has received a ton of attention on Twitter recently. It has also been posted on Twitter that Bubba Stacks is Lil Tijay’s cousin.

While others have stated that Bubba Stack was also shot alongside Lil Tijay, the details, however, have not yet been made public.

The rapper’s release is being announced in a number of tweets. It’s hard to decide whether the rapper has been arrested and detained.

As of this writing, no official announcement regarding Stacks’ arrest and the shooting has been made available to the public.

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Bubba Stacks Real Name

Rapper Bubba Stacks is well-known for his songs and streaming videos, yet most people don’t know his real name. However, the rapper has not revealed his real name. 

Bubba has kept his profile low and seems to be discreet about his personal life. He appears to be between 20 and 25 years old.

Additionally, Bubba Stacks may be found on Instagram under the handle @bubba.stackss. He has 98.1k followers and 16posts on his Instagram account.

On his Instagram account, he has posted a picture of himself; only, as mentioned earlier, the rapper is very discreet about his personal life.

Bubba Stacks Involvement In Lil Tijay Death

There has been speculation about Bubba Stacks’ involvement in the death of the rapper Lil Tijay, but no information is available.

Some claim he was imprisoned for specific offenses, while others claim he is Lil Tjay’s brother. The other Social media user also expressed concern about Bubba being shot.

This implies that a gunshot has taken place. Just after midnight, shots were fired many times in the vicinity of the City Place Shopping Center in Edgewater, and Lil Tijay had to undergo immediate surgery as a result.

According to prosecutors, Mohamed Konate has been charged in connection with the shooting with attempted murder, armed robbery, and crimes using weapons.

Jeffrey Valdez and Antoine Boyd, who were with Tjay at the time of the incident, have also been arrested and charged with second-degree unauthorized possession of a weapon along with Konate.

Bubba Stacks Net Worth

Bubba Stacks’ net worth might be in the thousands of dollars. He might have amassed a sizable fortune from his work as a rapper, Twitch broadcaster, and YouTuber.

However, his net worth’s precise figures have not yet been made public. He makes money from YouTube, where he has about 1.52k subscribers.

Looking at his profile, he seems successful and leads a luxurious life.

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