How To Fix Valorant Error 19? Resolving Val 19 Issues

Fixing Valorant Error 19 can be a headache. But, we have the solution on how to resolve it. 

Valorant is popular tactical gunplay by Riot Games. As enjoyable as it can be, Val is no stranger to constant errors which can annoy the players. While some errors are major, others can be fixed with one simple step.

One such issue is the Valorant 19 error, Despite being a minor problem, the error has annoyed the players as it can reappear even if they have already fixed the problem. 

Learn How To Fix Valorant Error 19? Resolving Val 19 Issues

Valorant Error 19 or Val 19 is a commonly reported issue in the game. When you have the Val 19 error, you will be displayed an error message, “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client”.


The error code became are apparent after the update in December 2021. The game will kick you out either show you the error right away or make you queue into the game, which is really frustrating.  

Nonetheless, the error is not a game bug but a small connectivity issue.

You can simply fix the Valorant Error 19 by restarting the game. But if it doesn’t resolve the issue, you need to find other ways. 

Valorant Error 19 Origin – Diving Into the Root 

Error 19 is a comparatively minor issue compared to other errors that arise due to issues in servers and games overall. Valorant Error 19 originates from connectivity problems in the game. This occurs when the game has a problem with the Riot Client. 

There are myriad reasons for the Riot Client issues.

One of the common causes of Valorant Error 19 is the bad start of Riot Client. This is why restarting the game helps most of the time, and even Valorant itself suggests this method. 

Nonetheless, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, Riot Clients can misbehave due to recent game updates. In fact, game updates can corrupt servers, vanguard, and other gaming codes as well.  

What to do if the Game Restart Doesn’t fix the Problem?

Though restarting should fix the problem most of the time, this may not work for some gamers. But, there are other ways you can try to make the game run.

First, make sure you have a very strong internet connection. You can also do online speed testing on websites like If slow, try to restart your router and reestablish the online connectivity.

The second thing you can do is restart the whole Riot Client. For this, you will need to open your Task Manager (Crtl+Shift+Esc helps). Then, click on the Riot Client under the processes tab. Once you locate the Riot Client, select the end task option. Following this, you can relaunch the Riot Client and the game. 


However, if this doesn’t work, you need to check for any pending updates. If there are no updates, reinstall the Riot Client. 

You can search for the Riot Client on your PC’s search bar. After you have searched it, you see that the riot client will appear on the right side with multiple options like Open, Run, Pin, and uninstall at last. Click on the uninstall option.

To reinstall the Riot Client, reopening the Valorant game will work. If this doesn’t fix the issue, your last resort is to contact the riot support team.

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