What Happened To James Jackson Aka Onision? Youtuber Health Condition And Update Today

James Jackson, a YouTuber who goes by the online moniker “Onision,” has been permanently suspended from the YouTube Partner Program.

As a result, he can no longer earn money from advertisements on the video-streaming website. The YouTuber Gregory “Onision” Jackson rose to fame following the viral banana suit video “I’m A Banana” and was forced to leave the platform after his three channels were demonetized.

He owned three Youtube channels OnisionSpeaks, UhOhBro, and Encore. Given that he is involved in nearly every conceivable incident, he is frequently referred to as “The Most Controversial YouTuber” and “YouTube’s Most Troubled Star.”

Is Onision Dead Or Still Alive? Youtuber Health Condition And Status

James Jackson, Aka Onision, is alive and well. He still uploads videos on his primary Youtube channel, Onision.

His last video on the channel was three weeks, titled “A Question for God,” where he dressed up as a Santa Claus. The video shows no sign of disconsolation in her health and behavior. Thus it can be said, James’s health condition is not an issue, but his behavioral condition is.

Onision has been in the news multiple for all the wrong reasons. He was accused of having sex with Sarah, 18, who said he groomed her and his husband Kai beginning when she was just 14 years old. Visit this website for more information. 

A recent Discovery+ documentary called “Onision: In Real Life” circles his life out of Youtube. The docuseries, which has Chris Hansen as the host, explores and discusses the allegations of sexual misconduct made against the YouTuber.

His first YouTube channel, Onision, was launched in 2006. James has said that he originally intended to be addressed as “Greg,” but in his early videos, he would go by the name “Onision.” Nevertheless, the moniker Onision stayed with him, and since then, he has gone by that name.

James Jackson Aka Onision Net Worth in 2022

James Jackson, during his prime days as a Youtuber, used to earn a fortune from his Youtube channels, Youtube ads, and other brand endorsements. According to Briefly, Onision has a net worth of $5 million in 2022.

In 2020, after he got banned from monetization on Youtube and Patreon, James found his home for money-making on OnlyFans. The contentious creator announced he was quitting YouTube himself for OnlyFans after a nearly year-long battle to have Onision de-platformed.

The YouTuber replied by publishing a slew of unsettling, absurd videos when Patreon banned Onision, cutting off a sizable portion of income. In April 2020, he signed up for OnlyFans and was generating a massive chunk of money from the explicit platform.


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Who is James Jackson’s Wife?

James wed Skye Tantaga as his first wife in 2005. On the Onision channel, the two frequently made appearances in videos together.

He pushed for the separation of the couple in 2010. The Youtuber said that the breakup was peaceful. Still, he subsequently revealed that Tantaga had broken into his house, raising the possibility that the split was less amicable than he had first exposed to his audience.


In October 2011, the divorce was legally completed. He dated Shiloh Hoganson in 2011, right after his divorce from Skye. Early on in their romance, Onision and Shiloh shared a residence.

After his brief breakup with Adrienne, he reconnected with Shiloh, but they later broke up again in December 2011. In 2012, James wed again, this time to Taylor Anderson, best known online as “Laineybot.” 

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