Who Is Steve Emt? Everything To Know About His Accident And Injury

Steve Emt suffered an life-changing accident when he believed it was the apex of his career . Learn what we know bout it.

Stephen Emt was 25 years old when he was involved in a life-changing accident that left him confined to a wheelchair.

Sport had always been a big part of his life, so he started looking for the one sport that would fill the vacuum. He was introduced to curling at the age of 42, and he is now a proud Paralympian.

Who Is Steve Emt?

Stephen Emt is a wheelchair curler from the United States.

He competed in the 2018 Winter Paralympics, where the United States ended in tenth position.

From a little Connecticut hamlet through West Point, UCONN Basketball, a tragic car tragedy, and now a two-time US Paralympian.

Steve has been through more than the majority of people. But Steve is not like the majority of people. He has conquered all challenges to become a great instructor, motivating people of all ages all over the world to become the hero of their own lives.

He is now training with the United States Paralympic Team, which will compete in the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China, in 2022.

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Steve Emt Accident And Injury Details

In 1995 Steve Emt was involved in a car accident which left him paralyzed down the waist.

Emt went to a tavern with some buddies in March 1995 to watch the UConn-Maryland NCAA Tournament game. He was identified as a former UConn athlete, and the drinks were on him.

“One drink led to another, and things got out of hand fairly quickly,” he explained. He wrecked after passing out while driving his pickup at 85 mph on I-84.

The vehicle flipped many times. Emt was flung free of the truck because he was not wearing a seat belt.

He had most of his ribs broken, his back broken in three places, a head injury, and major internal bleeding. His spinal cord was severed in the collision.

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Who Is Steve Emt Wife?

Steve Emt is married but he has not shared details about his wife.

We know that the couple is happily married with two children.

He’s had to overcome several barriers in his life as a result of his injury in order to be successful. He has turned his life lessons into a successful motivational speaker and book.

He recounts his narrative of overcoming life’s hardships, reaching his goals on and off the ice, and competing on the international stage, all with the objective of encouraging and enabling people to make smart decisions in order to achieve their goals.


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