Who Is Quran Garner? Philadelphia Shooting Suspect’s Family Background

Quran Garner, an 18-year-old boy, who was involved in the South Street mass shooting which left three people dead and eleven injured, was arrested by the police, and fans are keen to know more about the suspect.

Two persons have been arrested and charged in connection with the shooting in Philadelphia on Saturday that killed three people and injured 11 more according to the authorities.

Authorities claimed in a press conference on Monday that one of the people, Quran Garner, is facing many charges, including two counts each of aggravated assault and aggravated assault on law enforcement officers.

The other, who was detained by the US Marshals Service following the news conference, has not been identified. Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore claimed Garner was seen on camera shooting “toward the location” where a fight between two other people was taking place.

Photos: Who Is Quran Garner Philadelphia? Wikipedia Explored

Quran Garner is an 18-year-old boy from Philadelphia who was involved in the South Street mass shooting. He does not have a Wikipedia page.

Quran Garner, who was strolling close on South Street at the time, allegedly pulled out his own weapon and fired at Jackson and his friend. Garner then allegedly turned and pointed his gun toward the officers. After then, an officer returned fire, shooting Garner in the hand.

“He shot my hand off! He shot my hand off!” Garner yelled as he rushed down American Street, according to authorities.

Garner then approached police on 4th and Bainbridge streets, where he had been shot an hour before, and informed them that he had been shot. After that, Garner got transferred to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Quran Garner: Shooting Suspect Ethnicity and Religion

Quran Garner is the shooting suspect of the South Street mass shooting whose ethnicity is black, and his religion is Christianity.

He is currently under arrest and faces charges of aggravated assault and aggravated attack on law police, among other things. Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore said he didn’t have a gun license.

According to Assistant District Attorney, Garner’s gun was a ghost gun with an extended magazine. Another of the at least four guns used in the Saturday night shooting has been found.

Quran Garner Family & Wife Details

There is no information about Quran Garner’s family at the moment. He also is not married and does not have a wife.

Quran was walking by the South Street when he suddenly pulled out his gun and started firing where two people were fighting. One of the victims has been identified as 34-year-old Gregory Jackson.

Two more persons were murdered during the gunshots on South Street, including Kris Minners, a 22-year-old advisor for 2nd and 6th-grade boys at Girard College, one of Philadelphia’s oldest educational institutions, who authorities claim were innocent bystanders.


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