What Happened To Austin Shirley? Greenville Accident And Crash News

Austin Shirley, a resident of Greenville, died after his Jeep veered off the road and collided with a tree when he was attempting to flee the police. The incident occurred on 26 May 2022. 

According to the Greenwood County Coroner’s Office, Shirley was racing at a high-speed north on Highway 25 when he crossed the southbound lane, skidded off the road to the left, and struck a tree.

What Happened To Austin Shirley? 

On 26 May 2022, Thursday, just after 10 pm, Austin Shirley, 28, lost his life in a road accident on Highway 25 North, close to Ware Shoals’ city boundaries. He was running away from troopers at high speed to elude law enforcement but walloped a tree, instantly losing his life.

Austin was traveling with his brother Eddie Raines who survived the accident. However, the term “accident” here contrasts with Eddie Raines’s statement. Yes, Austin was wrong to run, Eddie acknowledged, but the cops broke other rules that evening rather than going to check on them, according to him.


The police examined the police vehicle first while standing in the median before yelling to the burning car, “Come out with your hands up!”. Eddie further asserts that the police reports were fabricated. Justice for Austin Shirley (Bubba), a Facebook page started by Austin’s sister, wants the truth to be revealed. “We want to see the dash cam, and we want this office to be accountable for what happened,” the page’s about section protests.

Austin Shirley Obituary And Official Family Tribute

On 27 July 2022, Kaytlin, Austin’s sister, wrote a message on her Facebook account in remembrance of her deceased brother.

Today marks two long months you have been gone. My heart still hurts like it did the day we got the call. I miss you so much. I would give anything to hear your voice once more, to see you smile once more”. 

“Things will never be the same. I always think about you; not one day goes by that you’re not on my mind. I would give anything for you to be here today. I would have given my own life if it meant saving yours. I would have,” she furthermore added.

 Kaytlin, after that, started expressing how hurt she had been since Austin’s death and wrote, “Words can’t explain the hurt I feel that you’re not here anymore. I’ve questioned many things about why you had to leave this earth, but as I think of it, you’re no longer suffering. I know you are living a happy eternal life with the loved ones who were taken so soon. “

She concluded the post by quoting her love for Austin, “I love you, BUBBA, and you will always be remembered. Fly high little brother.”

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Austin Shirley Death Cause And Social Media Discussions

Austin Shirley died in a car crash while eluding the troopers. Despite the police’s best efforts to claim that he struck them, Autin’s sister thinks there is another explanation.

Kaytlin, Austin’s sister, claims through the page “Justice for Austin Shirley (Bubba)” that police from Honea Path was chasing Austin at 100 mph while leaving their area of jurisdiction. According to the law, she states, the police should have yielded but didn’t. She added that it had been pouring that night when the police struck her brother three times and that after the fourth time, Austin lost control, hit a tree, and died from blunt force trauma.

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