How Tall Are Chet Holmgren Parents And Siblings? His Family Physical Appearance And Body Measurements

NBA player Chet Holmgren has been making headlines in recent days. He was on the news for withholding his medical information.

Nevertheless, Holmgren became the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft on Thursday, June 23, 2022. He was signed by the Oklahoma City Thunder. What value can Holmgren add to the team, then? Obviously, his physical power and great height. Continue to know more about his physical stats in the section below.

NBA: Chet Holmgren Has Inherited A Good Height From His Parents

Chet Holmgren stands at a height of 7 feet tall, which means he is 2.15 meters in length. He is only 9 inches shorter than Sun Mingming (2.36 m), the tallest ever basketball player. Similarly, six inches shorter than Cleveland Cavaliers’ center Tacko Fal (2.29m).

According to, the basketball player has a gigantic 7′ 6” wingspan. The measurements would landed him second on the NBA Draft Combine wingspan list.

More about his body stats, the gifted basketball star, has a fit and athletic body that weighs around 195 lbs (88 kgs). His most notable feature in the game is his phenomenal strength and shot-blocking ability.

Holmgren currently plays as a center or in the power forward position. The centers are normally the tallest and strongest players on the team. According to HoopsGeek, the average height for the position is 6 feet 10 inches or taller. However, since, 1996, the average height has seen changes, most of modern days players are seven feet or above.

Talking about Holmgren, he is only 20 years old, and as biology says, the growth normally slows down when a male riches eighteen. However, a fit and healthy person can actually grow until 23 or above. 

How Tall Is Chet Holmgren’s Father Dave Holmgren? 

Chet Holmgren’s father Dave Holmgren stands at a height of 7 feet 0 inches tall ie (2.13 m).

His dad played 57 games of college basketball for the University Of Minnesota between 1984 and to1988 as a Center or Forward. Dave had retired from the sport suffering from a serious knee injury. It’s no surprise that Chet is following in his dad’s footsteps and has inherited lots of physical attributes from his father.

According to sources, he learned how to play basketball from his father, a former NCAA basketball player. In the sixth grade, he began attending Minnehaha Academy, a private school in Minneapolis.

Are Chet Holmgren’s Mom & Sister Tall As Well? 

Chet Holmgren’s mom and sister are speculated to be above the average height of women in the USA, ie 5 feet 5 inches. 

Sadly, the young basketball player has not revealed photos of his mother and sister on his social media. He is active with a verified handle name @chet Holmgren on the platform. 

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