What Happened To Tofuu Roblox? Fans Are Worried After The Youtuber Gone Missing

Youtuber Tofuu is nor dead as rumors suggests

Tofuu is a popular Youtuber who entertains his audience through Roblox, a platform for online gaming and game development that lets users build and play games made by others. He has more than four million subscribers on his channel and has garnered above a billion views since joining Youtube on 26 April 2011.

The news is that the YouTuber hasn't posted any videos since 2021. Moreover, he has not interacted on any of his social media. The stance of him missing from Youtube and other social media has got his fans worried.

Is Tofuu Still Alive?

Because verified news on his death hasn't been announced, nor has the reason behind why he isn't active on his Youtube channel, we cannot exactly tell the status and whereabouts of Tofuu. Assumably, he is alive and just taking time off social media cleanse for himself.

However, baseless buzzes on his death news are rampant. A Twitter handle @rtcnewbs reported that Tofuu died by jumping over SeeDeng in 2020. This outline is probably "pun intended" because SeeDeng is another Roblox-based Youtuber. Besides this, channel46news.com also announced his death with a one-sentence narrative on their article that read, "YouTuber tofuu found dead in California channel 26." 

These are just a few instances of hunching on Tofuu's death. If you go through his videos' comment section, you can find a sizable audience casually remarking on his death rumor. 


The mentioned assertion has little chance of being genuine because a YouTuber as big as Tofuu certainly holds bigger power on the Internet, and his death news would have been covered by many. Tofuu is alive; he has not posted anything on his successful youtube channel, which is why the title tattles on his death are rising.

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Youtuber Gone Missing - What Happened? 

Hayden Joseph "Joe" Griffin, better known as Tofuu, formerly, Tofuugaming, has gone missing, fans claimed, as he hasn't posted anything on his social media since 2021. His last video on Youtube dates 2 August 2021, and his last Instagram post was on 6 August 2021.

Tofuu has gone silent on his main youtube channel, a few backup channels, and his community tab. His fans wonder about his well-being, and people have even started assuming he is dead.

A Youtube channel, Parlo, reported that at the start of 2022, without warning, 15 million views from Tofuu's channel were deleted for no discernible reason. Assumptions state that he could have deleted or made one or multiple of his videos private. Nonetheless, this deletion of videos evidences that the YouTuber still has access to his channel.


It is common for fans to assume the death of a social media star when they go missing for a certain period. With no trace of the return of a big YouTuber as Tofuu on Youtube, even after a year break, it is not a new thing that he has been the target of death rumors. But his death gossip can easily be retaliated because the Roblox account Tofuu uses called force taken states that the last time he was online on the platform was on 27 January 2022.

Due to his active status on his Roblox account and inactivity on social media, there could be chances that the Youtuber is taking his time off social platforms. Uploading videos daily on multiple platforms is a hectic job, and following that pattern for years sounds pretty stressful. It is only natural that Tofuu is taking a break from all digital social interaction to make time for himself.

Tofuu's Family

Hayden and his elder brother, whose name he hasn't yet disclosed, grew up together in Sun Valley. Hayden wishes to maintain his family's privacy; no information is available about his parents either.

Tofuu is of American descent. To talk about the education his parents provided, he was homeschooled until 2015, when he switched to a nearby public high school. Hayden worked as a volunteer for the Higher Ground program there, assisting persons with impairments to participate in outdoor activities. 

He also studied karate and briefly served as a martial arts instructor at a nearby studio. After graduating from high school, he relocated to Austin, Texas, and enrolled in a college; however, it is unknown what his major was or whether he has since graduated.