Who Is Casper Hatlestad Of We Are Domi Band? Meet The Finalist Of Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Casper Hatlestad is a professional musician from Norway whose age is 28 years and is a member of the band We Are Domi.

We Are Domi, known initially as Domi, is a Czech-Norwegian electronic pop band founded in 2016 in Leeds, England. Casper Hatlestad, Dominika Haková, and keyboardist Benjamin Rekstad make up the band. 

The band is poised to represent the Czech Republic in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Lights Off,” after winning the Czech national selection ESCZ 2022. We Are Domi began as a one-time endeavor to act as Haková’s support band for an exam show in 2016.

The band is the Czech Republic’s representative in Eurovision 2022. However, they created a band in 2016 while attending Leeds College of Music in the United Kingdom. Dominika, a Czech singer, met fellow Norwegian musicians Benjamin and Casper at a Halloween party in 2015 and requested that they offer musical support for her performance.

Who Is Casper Hatlestad Of We Are Domi Band?

Casper Hatlestad from We Are Domi Band is an active music instructor and professional musician from Stavanger, Norway’s westfjords.

He received his BA and MMus in Jazz and Creativity from Leeds Conservatory in the United Kingdom. He has previously toured Europe, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Iceland with various bands of various genres. Hatlestad is also a composer who has written music for film and TV, advertising, and video games.

There is not a lot of information available about Hatlestad on the Internet.

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Find Out The Age And Ethnicity Of Casper Hatlestad

Speaking of Casper Hatlestad’s age, he is currently 28 years old and was born in the year 1994 in Norway. However, the ethnicity of Hatlestad has not been known until now.

For his master’s project, he created a bow guitar, an instrument like a guitar plucked with a bow. Before forming We Are Domi, Hatlestad and Rekstad were Skogmus and the Wardrobe Quintet members.

They have been working as music professors at the Fine Arts and International School of Music in Prague since 2020.

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Find Out The Family Background Of Casper Hatlestad

Very little information is available about the musician Casper Hatlestad’s family background. He grew up in Sola alongside his family.

He became interested in teaching music after witnessing the influence it had on his students.

According to Casper, music is such a vital part of everyone’s lives that being able to teach kids about its history, have them think about what music means to them, and have an open discussion following active listening to various types of music is quite fulfilling.

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